Recommend Food

Prime Kobe Beef Sirloin Steak Course \10,000

This is very valuable course.

You can eat Prime Kobe Beef and the good food of Kobe!

This course is large potion so you can share it.

■This course includes

  • Salad
  • Tonpei-yaki
    (Grilled Pork and Egg)
  • Small Suji Negi-yaki
    (Cooked Beef Tendon and Green Onion)


Choose one from 1 to 3

  1. Garlic Fried Rice
  2. Sobameshi
    (Fried Diced Egg Noodles and Rice with Pork)
  3. Small Pork Okonomi-yaki
    (Japanese Pizza with Cabbage and Green Onion in Flour Batter)

Add 100yen for Yuzu Sorbet

Hamburger Steak ¥1,000

Fuji's hamburger steak is made from the minced mead of Kobe pork and Kobe Beef.
It is cooked in the source,is very popular.Therefore,the fring-pan for the hamburger steak becomes insufficient.

Chicken Giblets BBQ Flavor ¥780

Omelet with Sujikon ¥550

Sujikon is a local dish of Kobe.

Sujikon is stew cow line meat & Konnyaku in long time.

Grill Fresh Octpus ¥680

Akashi(the city net Kobe) is a well-known producer of octpus.

Fresh octpus is tender and tasty.