San-nomiya Store Infomation

You will enjoy all the good food of KOBE!

Teppanyaki-Fuji's San-nomiya Store is a Teppanyaki restrant.

Teppan-yaki is a way of cooking in which food is grilled on a hot iron cooking surface.

The iron plate is called "Teppan" and "yaki" means grilling in Japanese.You can eat Kobe Beef,Seafoods,Vegetables and Kobe's local foods cooked on a Teppan.


The thickness of our Teppan is 25mm.This thickness is very important because the temperature doesn't fall when cooking.That's why we can enclose the taste of the food and it becomes very tasty.


Please come to our store and please try Teppanyaki! 


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Zip Code :650-0004

1-9-5 Nakayamate-dori,Chuo-ku,Kobe-shi,Hyogo,Japan


■Open Hours

17:00~23:00(Last Order:22:30)


■Regular holiday

No scheduled holidays.


■The number of seats :25

・Counter: 10

・Table for four persons: 2

・Table for three persons: 1 (If you sit close,you can sit 4 persons) 

・Table for two persons: 2


■A car park



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